Creating a Coupon

Coupons are a great way to drive traffic to and spread the word about your shop. Coupons can be created around a holiday, special occasion (like your grand opening!), as rewards for loyal customers, and more.

To create a coupon, go to Manage > Marketing > Coupons in your admin navigation menu.


Click the Add a Coupon button and enter a name for the coupon. Your customers will see this name, so be sure it is something easy to understand, like "Black Friday Blowout!" Next, enter a Promo Code, which will be used during checkout to apply the discount, i.e. BF2014.


Goodsie offers coupons for a Percentage Off, Flat Discount or Free Shipping. Select your coupon type, and specify the rate for a percentage off or flat discount.

An optional minimum purchase can be applied, as can a limit on the total number of coupons generated. Note that this is not a per-customer limit. To create an unlimited number, check the "unlimited" box below the Limit field.

If this is a limited-time promotion, create a start and end date. You coupon will not be valid outside of these dates.

Then click Save!

When your sales start rolling in, the Coupons page will display the number of coupons used in the Used field next to the coupon.