Creating Email Capture Single-Use Coupons

Before turning on the email capture lightbox, you can create a special Email Capture Single-Use Codes coupon to be attached to incentivize shoppers to subscribe. New subscribers will be automatically emailed the appropriate coupon details such as the code, coupon type and expiration date (if applicable) shortly after subscribing.


The email capture lightbox can be activated on any page, like the Home page, or multiple pages of your store. In the Design Panel on the Pages tab, activate the edit page menu and turn the email capture lightbox on and off and the bottom of the page panel. Click on the preview link to edit the lighbox’s contents (e.g. headline, from address, pop-up delay, connect a coupon, success message, etc.) or change the visual formatting.


For more about the Email Capture Lightbox, a video tutorial can be found here.