Email Capture Form

The email capture form allows your store visitors to subscribe to your newsletter mailing list. It is a great way to introduce your brand, deliver special discounts and coupons, communicate shop updates, and have engaging, ongoing interaction with your customers.

To enable the email capture form on a page within your store, head to Pages in your Design Panel, and click the pencil icon for the page you want to email capture lightbox to display on.


Enable the email capture option, select the blue Preview link, then click anywhere within the lightbox itself to start editing.


The following content editing options will open in your design panel: Coupon, Pop-up delay (in seconds), Title, Subtitle, Description, Input Placeholder, Submit Label, Success Message, and Footer. Customize these according to your needs and click Save.


If you have Single-Code or Email Capture Single-Use Codes coupon types created in your admin Coupons section, you can apply a promotion in the Coupon dropdown. All new subscribers will receive the coupon code instantly via email. Additionally, customers who enter their email addresses in the capture form will be added to your Newsletter Signup List on your admin Marketing Lists page.