Email Marketing

Premium Goodsie users and those who are within their initial 30-day trial can create customized emails to send to customers and others who have authorized that their addresses be added to the store owner's list.

During the free trial, email sends are limited to 250 and lists are limited to 1000 recipients. After upgrading to a Premium account, there is a 5000 per month send limit, and a 1000 recipient limit on the size of manually imported lists.

The Email Marketing section can be found under Manage > Marketing > Emails in the admin area. Before creating a new email, however, you will need to create a new set of email lists, under Manage > Marketing > LIsts.

List Management

To create a new list, go to Manage > Marketing > Lists and select either Add Manually or Add Dynamically. Adding new lists dynamically will allow you to automatically generate a list from the customers who have ordered from you via Goodsie using the following criteria: Ordered From, Ordered To, Order Total Min., Order Total Max., Ordered within (time period).

Adding manually allows you to import lists from outside of Goodsie. Before adding any emails to your list, you must verify that everyone has agreed to be contacted by you. If you aren't sure what this means, please read through the CAN-SPAM guidelines and "What you need to know about permission." Emails can be added individually, from a comma-separated list, or from a CSV file.

Newsletter Signup

All email addresses entered in the storefront Newsletter signup form will be automatically be added to a "Newsletter Sign-up" mailing list located on the Manage > Marketing > Lists admin page.

Create a Message

To create a new newsletter, click Create a New Email under Manage > Marketing > Emails. On the following page, enter your Title, From Name, From Address, Subject and Deliver to in the Information section. Under Deliver To, you will be prompted to select from a List. Email list management is handled on the Lists page, under Manage > Marketing > Lists.

You can send either a Plain Text (unformatted) message, or a Custom Message, which allows you to add images to your newsletter using our click-and-drag module interface.

To create a new Custom Message, click on the type of content you'd like to add (Banner, Title, Text, Image or Product), and hold down as you drag that content type into the email area. A pop-up area will appear prompting you to add content. The Product option allows you to add a product to the email. The Product interface allows for quick and easy product search, and a choice of content columns.