Navigation Bar

When you are logged in to, the navigation bar will display options for Store, Manage, Help and Logout. The Store link will direct you to your storefront, where you can design your storefront and add content such as an About page and Listings.

To display the Design Panel to design your storefront, click "Show Design Panel." To collapse the Design Panel, click on the minus icon in the upper right of the panel.

To collapse the navigation bar when in the storefront, click the bar at the left end of the bar. Click again to expand.

The Manage section includes Products, Orders, Coupons, Statistics, Settings, Account and External setup. Clicking on any of these options will open the Admin dashboard.

The Help icon will redirect you here to our Knowledge Base and forums, where you can read through previous discussions or ask new questions. Note that our support team attempts to respond to requests within 24 hours on weekdays (usually much faster) and is typically not on duty on weekends.

Clicking the Logout icon will log you out of your Goodsie account.