Setup and Customization

After logging in to your Goodsie store, navigate to the Settings menu in the admin by clicking on Manage > Settings from the navigation bar.

Accepting Payments

On the Settings page, you can specify privacy and currency settings for your shop, and authorize incoming payment methods. This last step is crucial, as customers will not be able to purchase goods from your store until you have set up your account with one or more processors: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, or For complete setup instructions, see the Payment Methods section.

Adding Products

To add a product to your store, go to the Products menu from Admin > Products in the navigation bar.

Click "Add Product" to start adding inventory to your store. To add images, click on the "Add Files" image. If your product comes in multiple colors, sizes, etc... these can be specified using Product Options. More details on Product setup can be found in the Products Section of the Knowledge Base.

Designing the Store

To change the appearance of your store, click on the Store link in the navigation menu and select the pencil icon to open the Design Panel. There you can change your store's title, layout, color palettes, layouts and other details, add pages and links to your navigation, and upload backgrounds and banners to create a cohesive, fully branded look. More details can be found here and here.

Custom Domain Name

It's easy and free to use a custom web address such as for your Goodsie-powered shop. Check out our FAQ article on using a custom domain for full details.


To increase your site's Search Engine Optimization, go to the Metadata section of the design panel and enter a detailed, descriptive overview of your store. This description will be used by search engines if it is deemed relevant, so be sure to use descriptive text that includes accurate keywords to describe your products.