Order Data Export

You can export your Goodsie order data as a CSV document by clicking on the gray Export button in the upper righthand corner of the Orders admin page. This is useful when, for example, using a third party for fulfillment.

Details included in the export are: Cart ID, Type, Order Date, Transaction ID, Payment Gateway, Cart Total, Order State, Fulfilled Status, Billing: First Name, Billing: Last Name, Billing: Street, Billing: Street 2, Billing: City, Billing: State, Billing: Postal Code, Billing: Email, Billing: Phone, Shipping: First Name, Shipping: Last Name, Shipping: Street, Shipping: Street 2, Shipping: City, Shipping: State, Shipping: Postal Code, Shipping: Email, Shipping: Phone, Item, Item SKU, Item Quantity, Option, Option ID, and Extras.

Note that data related to products displays in separate rows below overall order details.