The payment method allows customers to use direct credit card payments during the checkout process.

Becoming a merchant via the gateway typically requires a $99 setup + $20 per month membership fee and $0.10 per-transaction fee. Some of these prices may be higher or lower depending on the volume of sales processed.

Creating an Account

To get started, create an account at In Step 1 of the application, when it asks which services you would like to apply for, select "Payment Gateway for Credit Card Processing" and "Internet Merchant Account for Credit Card Processing".


In Step 2 of the application, fill out your company and owner information. In Step 3 of the application, enter your bank account information. This is the account that will charge to pay for your monthly gateway fees. This is a separate fee from Goodsie’s flat rate.

If you have an existing merchant account and aren't applying for one through, fill in your merchant account details in Step 4a of the application. If you are applying for a merchant account with, answer the questions in Step 4b of the application. Note: If you would like to accept American Express cards, there is an extra application you must go through with American Express itself. will help you get set up with AMEX if you'd like.

Finally, review the fees and your application information. If everything is correct, click "Submit". An representative will contact you to complete the signup process.

Note that a credit check is part of the application process.

Authorizing on Goodsie

  1. Log in to your Merchant Interface
  2. Click on the "Account" Tab
  3. Under "Security Settings", click on "API Login ID and Transaction Key"
  4. Copy and paste the "API Login ID" into the "API Login ID" field in the Goodsie Settings page section.
  5. Enter the answer to your secret question in the "Create New Transaction Key" section. Make sure "Disable Old Transaction Key(s)" is checked, and click submit.
  6. On the next page, copy and paste the transaction key into the "Transaction Key" field in the Goodsie Settings section.
  7. Click Continue, and then click on "MD5-Hash" under "Security Settings" on the Account Settings page.
  8. The MD5 Hash can be anything you want, but it must not be empty. Enter a secret phrase or sequence of characters into both fields. Make sure they match exactly. Click Submit.
  9. Enter the exact same secret code you created in the "MD5 Hash" field in the Goodsie Settings section.
  10. Save the settings on Goodsie by clicking the small Save button below the setup area and the larger Save button on the Settings page.
  11. Lastly, in the Merchant Interface, click on "Test Mode" under "Security Settings". Ensure that your account is in "LIVE MODE". If it's in Test Mode, click on the "Turn Test OFF" button.
  12. You're all set!