The category management system can be accessed by clicking on Categories in the Manage menu of the Global Navigation, right below Products. Our centralized category system makes it easy to add, delete, rename and merge categories. The category section lists all of your store’s categories with the number of associated products and supports add, delete, rename, and merge functionalities.

Adding Categories

To create a new category, click the blue "Add Category" button and enter a name for the category. Here you have the options to assign products to the new category or to save the category for later use.


Merging Categories

Merging categories allows you to add products from different categories to a target category. An option exists to delete the old categories feeding into the target category, but you're welcome to keep old categories as well.

Note: If you merge products from categories A and B into C, then later add a product to B, it will not automatically be added to category C.

Example of Merging + deleting old categories

A "T Shirt" category exists with 3 products and a "T-Shirt" category exists with 130 products. To merge the categories and delete "T Shirt" category, select "T-Shirt" as the target, choose to add products from "T Shirt", and fill in the "Delete selected categories" option.


The "T-Shirt" Category now contains 133 products and "T Shirt" has been deleted.

Example of Merging + keeping old categories

A "Shirts" category exists with 10 products and a "Pants" category exists with 10 products. A new category called "Clothes" has been created that should contain products "Shirts" and "Pants" categories. Select "Clothes" as the target and choose to add products from "Shirts" and "Pants".


The "Clothes" category now contains 20 products and "Shirts" and "Pants" continue to hold 10 products each.

Searching for categories can be done with the Category Search bar, alphabetically by clicking the Name column title, or by number of products contained by clicking the Products number column title.