How do I upload product images and what formats and sizes do you support?

To upload a product image, click on the Add Images button in the Images & Video section on the individual product page, and select one or more images from your harddrive. We support .png, .gif and .jpg files. The maximum file size is 3MB, though as small as possible is preferable for ideal performance. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page after the images appear to save the change.

Goodsie preserves the original aspect ratio (e.g. 3:4, 4:3, 16:9) of uploaded images for display on product listing and product detail pages. The two most important image aspects are:

  1. All images should be no smaller than 820 px wide
  2. All images should have the same orientation and aspect ratio

If you need help cropping or resizing images, we recommend Croppola, which despite its name, is a great tool for image editing.


You can change which image is used for the product thumbnail by clicking and dragging the arrow icons on the images on the product edit page.

Customers can view images in their original dimensions by clicking the Fullscreen option (arrow icon) in the bottom left corner of the image from the Details view.

Note: Images will be cropped into squares for display in the admin and product detail page thumbnails.