What currencies does Goodsie support?

Goodsie supports the option to list a single currency as the currency in your storefront. You can change the currency listed in your storefront on the Settings page. Our selection is based on the currencies supported by the payment methods we support, i.e. PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and Authorize.net. These are:

USD, U.S. Dollars
AUD, Australian Dollars
BRL, Brazilian Real
CAD, Canadian Dollars
CZK, Czech Koruna
DKK, Danish Krone
EUR, Euros
HKD, Hong Kong Dollars
HUF, Hungarian Forint
ILS, Israeli Shekel
JPY, Japanese Yen
MYR, Malaysian Ringgits
MXN, Mexican Pesos
NZD, New Zealand Dollars
NOK, Norwegian Krone
PHP, Philippine Pesos
PLN, Polish Zloty
GBP, UK Pounds Sterling
SGD, Singapore Dollars
SEK, Swedish Krona
CHF, Swiss Franc
TWD, Taiwan New Dollars
THB, Thai Baht
TRY, Turkish Lira
RMB, Chinese Yuan
INR, Indian Rupee
ZAR, South African Rand
KRW, South Korean Won