What happens after the free trial runs out?

When your initial 30-day free trial is close to its expiration date, you will receive an email notification prompting you to subscribe to Goodsie, either at the Basic ($30 per month) or Premium ($75 per month) level. There is also a notification in your Goodsie account navigation bar indicating the number of days left in your trial.

To subscribe, head to Account in your Goodsie Manage admin menu. Note that you will be charged immediately, and charged again automatically one month from that date.

Goodsie subscriptions renew on a monthly basis until you cancel.

What happens if I don't pay when the free trial expires?

If you do not begin a Goodsie paid subscription after enjoying the service free for 30 days, your store will become disabled and cannot be viewed or used by customers. However, your information will remain saved, and you can begin your subscription at any time on the Account page.